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Why Would I Just Give This Thing Away?

( Especially when past viewers say they'd pay up to $100 USD for it? )

About The Series

Total Course Duration: 38 minutes, 36 seconds ( Plus about 10 minutes for each survey, if that. )

And… can do it in parts!

This 4-part course is designed for individuals with firsthand experience with autism or ADHD who may not understand the “why” behind the differences in how autistics perceive the world. 

The course will provide a deeper understanding of the neurological differences for individuals with autism, and focus on emotion and communication primarily.

In Part 1, the course will cover the role of the amygdala in emotion regulation and how variations in the size and function of the amygdala in individuals with autism can affect emotional regulation and lead to challenges with managing anxiety and feeling “out of place.”
Total Duration: 3min 16sec

In Part 2, the course will delve into the reductions of linguistic centers in individuals with autism, how it affects the ability to interpret the communicative intentions of others, and strategies for improving communication and understanding.
Total Duration: 10min 05sec

In Part 3, the course will explore the unique ways of thinking and expressing that individuals with autism may need to develop to cope with these challenges, and how it could be a primary strategy for managing anxiety and feeling “out of place.”
Total Duration: 6min 8sec

In Part 4, the course will provide suggestions for further reading and resources, and the learners will leave the course with a deeper understanding of the unique neurological differences that individuals with autism experience and how they can be addressed.
Total Duration: 7min 17sec

The e-mail lessons include additional resources, your follow-up survey, and practical ways to cope.